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Bring back Work & Money section to the top bar

It kind of seems like you've marginalized women who work by making it more difficult to get to the "Financially Fit" and "Secrets to Success" sections of your website. What I infer from the change is that the website owners think it is more important to have a great body and an amazing love life than a sound financial future and a career you love.

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Hi Lauren & Megan. Financially Fit was indeed a solid program but it came to an end when that sponsorship finished. We believe every area Lauren mentioned contribute to a full and well-rounded life which is why you’ll now see Career and Finance articles under our main Well Being tab (in addition to always finding under Secrets of Your Success in the Today tab). Thanks!


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  • LaurenLauren commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    And now I can't even find a "Financially Fit" section on this site. Yahoo! must not care about working women.

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