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Shine Latina

I like the fact that you have some of type section addressing Latinas but more articles would be great. The last thing you guys posted was on March 7 about a drink. Also please remember Puertoricans are not the only latinos. There is Central and South America..just some food for thought.

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Hi J. Larin! We just heard from our Editor that Shine Latina has a new program coming out and should be posting again soon. Thanks again for your feedback!

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  • Feedback adminAdminFeedback admin (Admin, Yahoo) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi J. Larin. You're right - It has been awhile since they last posted! We'll get in touch with their Editors to see when they can post something new. Thanks for the feedback. So happy to hear that you like Shine Latina!

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