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Kate Middleton is the Duchess of Cambridge

Others have commented on this as well, but I am beyond fed up with the fact that yahoo articles continue to refer to Catherine as "Kate Middleton." She was married over two years ago (remember that Royal Wedding that was all over the news?) She is a married woman, an official member of the royal family, and deserves a lot more respect than she is given by yahoo writers. Your editors should take ultimate responsibility, but I am shocked that anyone still feels that they can refer to her this way. I even remember reading a yahoo article explaining what her new title would be after marrying Prince William!

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  • Bonnie GomesBonnie Gomes commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Well said!! Journalists did NOT call Princess Diana "Diana Spencer" after her marriage (or ever)!! Kate is now a Princess and a Duchess. Please show her the respect she deserves and stop making us (Americans ) look like a bunch of clueless oafs. So when she's 85 and George is on the throne will she STILL be called "Kate Middleton"?? Come on people!

  • dorisdoris commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Maybe the media constantly referring to her by her common name is the reason the elders of
    the royal court want to turn her into what THEY want her to be. Call her by her married name and
    maybe they will stop trying to change her looks. The hemlines and the haircut. She is beautiful
    and I don't believe her spirit can be broken. This will be a true love story or if left up to others,
    another case of Princess Diana. Show her the respect she deserves and let her be.

  • jaejae commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge. She should only be known by this!

  • CDCD commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think All the readers of Yahoo News will appreciate if you stop calling Princess Catherine in the news as Kate Middleton. Its INCORRECT and Yahoo could be sued for misrepresentation.

  • JoanJoan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    As you are "gathering feedback" I want to state my frustration with articles regarding Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. In pubishing an article about anyone, in which their name is used, I strongly feel that it is a professional responsibility of Yahoo, whether it's Shine or any other unit of Yahoo, such as OMG, to refer to all persons in the story correctly. With regard to the Duchess of Cambridge, you continually say "Kate" or "Kate Middleton" which is contrary to how they themselves have chosen to be called. The have a website. I will not list it here because I'm afraid you'll then reject my comment, so I am asking as a reader of Yahoo, that you do a search for the Royal couple's website. On the site, in covering the wedding, you will see "On 29th April 2011, Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton were married at Westminster Abbey. The couple are now known as The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge." Why can't you honor their wishes and only refer to her as the Duchess of Cambridge? If you cannot find a story that honors these wishes, realizing that you do use stories from other sources, Yahoo should have a writer do a story from scratch, rather than publishing something that is incorrect and against the royal couple's wishes. Your continual use of her maiden name, as if she never got married, embarrasses me as an American. If we want other countries to respect people in the US, the least we can do is to respect the titles of people in their countries. First Lady Michelle Obama is not Michelle Robinson. You would not refer to her as Michelle Robinson. Why do you continually refer to the Duchess of Cambridge as Kate Middleton, a name she has not used for over 2 years?

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