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Yahoo shine - horoscopes really suck ! Because the page doesn't load content it loads ads - and until ads are done - nothing works. ! ! !

Really Yahoo ! You presumably have professional web developers .... now why can they not figure out that the Shine Horoscopes page is junky ? It opens, proceeds to load some content and then loads ads everywhere .... and until the ads load - nothing works - links don't show, click don't work and more often than not the page just freezes. Reload and try again .... on small browsers like phone - it just loads and loads and loads - same for the news main page - loading forever and never working. Scrap using phone to look at Yahoo. As for the horoscopes - if it works .... most days it don't unless you sit and wait for all ads to load.....
The horoscope tabs might work twice and then stall out. The fortune cookie might click - might not.....
Yahoo comics - one comic has not been updated for weeks now... the rest jump around - soon as you get to page bottom it all changes.... have they never heard of page 1 page 2 ? Open a comic - read the first one and scroll down - it jumps right to the bottom of the page making you scroll back up....

Who designed this junk anyhow ?

News articles - headline is the same as the article - one line....
OR - the article is a video - sorry this is not available in your location..... what kind of junk is that ?

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Hi Shine reader,

Thanks for your report.
For your issue, please initially make sure that you update your browser to the latest version and allow plugin/javascript on your browser.
If you still have difficulty in reading Horoscope, please provide your operation system and browser/browser version to here:


Yahoo Product Support

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