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Frozen's Elsa a *** symbol? Beth Greenfield, you are ridiculous!!

Here's an idea for Beth Greenfield. Get a life and quit sexualizing a Disney character. At what point did you decide to include Disney characters in the same category as a pole-dancing Victoria's Secret vamp? We better just change the rating on this one to PG-13. What a load of **** to turn the character with a soul condemned by a potentially killer gift/curse into a *** symbol. Perhaps Disney is not the type of genre for you if you are convinced, and apparently offended, that Elsa is nothing more than a sexist symbol. Chances are you are looking for a reason to demean such an innocent and powerful element of a well crafted movie. If that is the case you may want to eliminate recreational events such as children's movie from your life as you will only be doomed to revealing the ****** fantasies you so desperately desire to find in an inspirational setting. This is not the first pathetic article written by Beth Greenfield, but it should be her last.

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