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Take down the article by Sujeiry Gonzalez entitled "7 Things to Have Your Boyfriend Do Before Breaking Up"

This article is sexist and degrading to men. It encourages emotional manipulation and abuse of men. Had this article been written by a man about women it would never have seen the light of day. This article is offensive and whether or not the article was written to be funny or satirical, it completely failed. This article should be taken down. This article was hurtful, harmful, and promotes sexism and abuse. This is not "rah-rah Feminism" nor is it a "you go girl"'s just plain wrong. We, as women, cannot claim that we are special, different or have more rights than men. Feminism is about equality. Whether sexism or abuse is directed at females or males, it is still abuse or sexism. Again, please remove this article and counsel the writer of it on it's inappropriateness.

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    How stupid who Gives A F !!!!!! it was the guys fault he was used.
    I just hope she was a piece of *** :-\ ....because he wasn't... obviously... she got rid of him right... maybe if he a F'%! Her a little more harder he would still be there. nice guys finish last it's a fact a fact of life.... treat her like **** and she'll love you let it go Miss i want this article to be removed... this article is an educational tool for men you are stupid enough to do everything there girlfriend tellsI say this with a lotta love goodnight

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