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I love Yahoo and it is my homepage. However, since the new "improvements" there have been so many clitches and links that don't work.

I have clicked on so many stories with links that are dead ends. This seems to be the norm lately for Yahoo. Also, the ads at the top of the page are fine if we can close them immediately. There's an iPod ad today that just stays there. I can't close it, not cool. I am not interested and forcing me to see it will not make me so.

These improvements were touted by Yahoo to make the whole Yahoo experience better for the user. It isn't working and I have given Yahoo a chance. SO many people jumped down Yahoo's figurative throat immediately dissing the changes. I did not but I have had it. Please fix the bugs, the missing links, the overwhelming amount of ads that will not go away so I can view and/or search what I would like.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

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    I agree, yahoo is failing for me and I now have a msn, yahoo and google window open at all times. Yahoo email is terrible and poorly organized, pages don't load, stories are written by very poorly informed and educated writers. just dismal....

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