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Less adverts. The website and email is very slow because of ads

The website is slow to load because of adverts. Email is exceptionally slow because of the amount of ads, less ads (the type that require cookies) will solve this problem

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  • GAREN commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Reposted from another comment regarding the same issue:

    I get a little bored of these comments regarding adverts. - (before Yahoo suggestions was overrun by the same group of people, complaining about the same group of users) . ..I gave many suggestions to people, regarding methods of avoiding adverts but they seem to have fallen on deaf ears!) - I have given up telling people how to circumnavigate these but I will tell you this:

    Cookies are pretty much unavoidable and do not make a site slower, infact in many cases, the opposite it true, deleting your cookies WILL slow you down. Yahoo requires no dedicated plug-ins (apart from the usual stuff that you need for general internet use eg.Adobe Flash.) . . .And finally; Adverts! . . .. They are a necessity on what is essentially a free website - either pay a subscription, find a way around the adverts or put up with them!!!!

    The only beef I every had (and I mentioned it once or twice on the old style suggestions page) was the use of 'Autoplay' for videos and this still stands!

  • Fred Hall commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I find that I cannot add a comment because the rotating curser is still rotating as if the page is not yet fully presented. This is too frequent to be true.
    I refer to the news items on which we can comment. It won't accept comments in this condition.

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