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Cool it with the adverts - your site is becoming un-usable

Reduce the number of adverts, plug-ins, cookies and whatever else makes the site so slow. Please also remove the sales stuff based on my recent searches - it's none of your business.

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  • Torii commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    There are a number of completely inappropriate advertisements inserted randomly when visitors view our albums. When visitors are browsing pictures of children and a picture of a woman with he breasts popping out shows up, with very little marking it as an advert, it is unacceptable. Even if I pay the advertisements do not disappear for my visitors.

  • Liz Wilson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Absolutely agree with you, I am sick of them, they are so annoying. I am going to go
    to another provider,although they are all probably the same. I have just had a look at
    the terms of service which you have to accept to post this comment. How many people
    read them!! I expect they hope not many, I have not the time or inclination to do so. They
    should simplify them. I expect I have agreed to sell my email address to China! Who knows!?

  • GAREN commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I get a little bored of these comments regarding adverts. - (before Yahoo suggestions was overrun by the same group of people, complaining about the same group of users) . ..I gave many suggestions to people, regarding methods of avoiding adverts but they seem to have fallen on deaf ears!) - I have given up telling people how to circumnavigate these but I will tell you this:

    Cookies are pretty much unavoidable and do not make a site slower, infact in many cases, the opposite it true, deleting your cookies WILL slow you down. Yahoo requires no dedicated plug-ins (apart from the usual stuff that you need for general internet use eg.Adobe Flash.) . . .And finally; Adverts! . . .. They are a necessity on what is essentially a free website - either pay a subscription, find a way around the adverts or put up with them!!!!

    The only beef I every had (and I mentioned it once or twice on the old style suggestions page) was the use of 'Autoplay' for videos and this still stands!

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