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SJP adopting black girls

rumor is SJP offering $$$ to SNL writer ANNE BEATTS 310 273 1676 1020 Carol st west hollywood CA walks to and from weho elementary school everyday -- offering to buy jaylene or jackie jones age 8 from her
rumor SJP was telling the kids their mum is dead and wanting the exclusive rights to the scripts DON'T MARRY A GAY MAN! and THE SUMMER I RACED THE GERMANS both from ROBBIE JONES SNL
assist to Marci Klein executive producer -- Mum Robbie isn't dead
and is SJP playing a hige game w 20 interns from 30 rock - telling jaylene and jackie their Mum is dead and giving them pot, making them sign over all the merchandizing $$$ and 1 million from the films
yes, SJP is yelling at Matthew - he always tells the truth and her huge grudge against SNL Jones in NYC is the gossip around town - Robbie wrote it all - is it gay Robbie vs SJP for the very hot gay Silverman gossip here is yes

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    RUMOR 175 pound comedian lives w *** In City star in townhouse they brush each others hair have matching tattoos go out to dinner late rumor they smoke pot all day and have had a
    marriage ceremony together since 2009 --- secret gay marriage -- they excanged rings

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    rumor unmarried 44 year old 175 pound Sarah Silverman blackmailing Brooke Shields for money
    in NYC claiming Brooke is drinking too much and begging her for 300$ 200$ and keys and a part on ARMY WIVES -- rumor she was doing this to OLSEN TWIN

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    Silverman was grand marshall at San Francisco gay pride 2011 but she won't say a thing - she really is ******** or way in the closet

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