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A few years ago Yahoo took its excellent email system and destroyed it overnight! You've done it again with the weather function!

Get rid of the background pictures... you can't read the text! That's what you did with your email system a few years ago. Got rid of all the great functionality and just trumpeted the fact that users could now have a lovely picture as a background. The fact that the system was now garbage didn't seem to matter. Thankfully you listened to the complaints and corrected things. You now need to do the same with this. Listen to the complaints and act on them. Get a system that is readable and displays correct data. Personally I have doubts that the data is even correct. I use YQL to extract forecasts as described on you web page https://developer.yahoo.com/weather/ and the data is clearly just WRONG. Even on your web page above, the test for a forecast for Nome AK clearly shows that the pressure units are in inches but the data clearly shows that it is in millibars. A pressure of 1012 inches must be the pressure at the centre of the Earth! How can this be so wrong! There seems to be complete confusion over what is metric and non-metric data. Cross-checking data against your website I also have doubts that the visibility and wind-speed data is correct. You need completed cross check your data with reality!

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