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Yahoo needs to evaluate their proofreader; correct successive spelling mistakes.

yahoo news needs to be more vigilante about spelling mistakes. I find it rather irritating to find the simplest & most inane grammatical or spelling errors, especially when dealing with complex content such as I was recently viewing about NASA space images; photo's of star systems (galaxies) nebula's, planetary systems, suns, stars & moons I was recently viewing...it's rather frustrating to see "galaZie" instead of Galaxy...& to have words repeated...example: "the planet is it to it other side of the system". It is evident how that sentence doesn't read RIGHT. I'd like to see more accuracy of content & careful attention to the proper conveyance of such material. All this does is reinforce sloppiness to youth & we wonder why they graduate highschool & can barely SPELL.

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    YOUR grammar and spelling could be better. For example, it's "vigilant" not "vigilante" (that's for "vigilante justice", for example). And it's "photos" plural not "photo's" possessive. There are more errors in your writing, but I think you get the point.

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