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I dislike this page so much that I do not think I will be coming back if it does not change,

The headlines over the picture is so annoying and distracting. The endless list of news to scroll on is tedious and time consuming. I get where you want to go which is on the phones that are smaller and user can thumb down on the news feed and the headlines are not as bad if it is a very tiny picture but on a tablet or a computer it is a major annoyance and disturbance. In this life we already have so many flashing lights, scrolling blinking lights forced upon us that coming on here by choice and being annoyed is the last thing I want to do. The only thing fun about yahoo whih is different is being able to write a comment and I do not thing the new annoyances are worth it. Sorry Yahoo win some loose some. Goodbye if you don't change..

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    I agree! They are about to lose my loyalty too if they dont change back! I hate this new page

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