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Apparently your news feed more on Malaysia opposition party rather than the govt. It is very shameful coming so called world search engine. Expecting an objective news from yahoo...

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  • sam commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    your yahoo malaysia is definitely showing BIAS all over your malaysia news. your "yahoo staff" in kuala lumpur, malaysia is most probably not malaysian and anti government or yahoo is anti malaysian government yourself and obviously showing this to the world. shame on malaysia.yahoo.com. Inaccurate news errr.. not inaccurate perception of malaysia using malaysiakini.com which is only speculate tail tells not fact at all. what is this? RSS feed? might as well we feed ourself from some source out there into our outlook and dont have to come to you. get your news fix man. get the fact news. your Kuala Lumpur staff is anti malaysian government PERIOD!!

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