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Spell and grammar checking

May I suggest you get better writers or editors for your articles or reposts. There is an appalling number of grammatical and spelling mistakes and typos in your articles.

E.g.: "Musician Paolo Valenciano had exchanged "I do's" with her [sic] girlfriend of six years, Samantha Godinez, on Feb. 7 at the Manila Polo Club."

"Recall that the young Valenciano popped the question to Godinez last year during one [sic] his father's show [sic] in the US."

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  • Angelica Flores commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I totally agree! Every time I read an article, there is something wrong. Not only grammar or spelling mistakes but also misleading article titles (my attention is caught by the titles and images only to find that the article has almost nothing to do with the title). It is so frustrating! You know why? Because I read many of your articles but it's like 99% of the time that these things happen.

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