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Please keep the palor games. Alot of yahoo customers depended on cribbage, gin, etc. You are only hurting Yahoo by removing these games!

You are taking away Yahoo parlor games that so many people have become dependent on for friendships, and a good gaming community! There are a lot of sick, disabled, elderly people that are confined to their homes and depend on these games such as cribbage, gin, pinochle, etc. as a way of entertainment. Taking away these games is very inconsiderate as many people supported Yahoo for at least 15-20 years and they did not ask for this! Bring these games back please!! :)

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    it's a sign of the times...customers don't matter like they used to...I'd have even paid to have it, like Pogo...yahoo just didn't care how we felt about it....kind of like the government.... :(

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    To anonymous with the 71-year-old mother: Scrabble on Pogo is pretty good. A bit different than literati - it's true Scrabble. We all miss the parlor games. It's a real shame.

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    My mother is 71 and Literai kept her in the loop with the internet and it's features. This was her favorite past time.

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