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Yahoo homepage is not cool enough

Yahoo homepage is not cool enough, like it was earlier used to be, few months before I guess. After the slider being removed from the homepage, through where we see the current events/news, the homepage lost its appeal.

May be that is why I dont feel interested to visit Yahoo homepage nowadays. Whether i use my email or not, I surely visit Yahoo homepage.

From the marketing perspective, whoever changed the homepage design, wants to bring down the Yahoo homepage viewership by all means. Surely, the testers were sleeping while the new homepage was out for testing.

It would be good to have the old slider homepage of Yahoo back, rather than suffer with this new one. I already notice few users posting about this same, but they weren't detailed enough.

Sometimes we got to stick to the basics, whether it is old or not. Like, no matter where we travel, whatever we dress, whatever food culture we adopt, we never forgot to brush (first thing in the morning).

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