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Korean net-news sites are using stills from Eurosport's streaming programs of Skate America without copyright notices.

Dear Eurosport,

I would like to thank you for your good and convenient live streaming channel programs covering the NHK Trophy, Trophée Eric Bompard, and Rostelecom Cup skating events. Ms. Conway came back as a commentator for the Trophée Eric Bompard and Rostelecom, and while she seemed to have done a better analysis than before, I think she still made some informational mistakes.

Again, I would like to ask your commentators to refrain from making any irrational comments, and also warn about the possible copyright abuse of your video streams because I found some unattributed usage here and there in some Korean net-news sites.

While such sites are “cherry-picking” the performance facts as a way of insulting Mao Asada, a leading Japanese competitor, the writers are in fact using visuals from Eurosport’s streaming videos without mentioning the exact sources.

Examples of such biased reporting, all focusing on weak aspects in her performance, coupled with the unattributed use of Eurosport’s images can be seen in the following sites.
(Note that these are Korean language websites and I’ve provided only the headlines for you in English. For further understanding of the content, an online service like Google Translation might be helpful.)

"Mao Asada: Pratfall, bumbling jumps, but wins GPF competition"
News dongA.com

"English analyst said, ‘The others skated with very charismatic programs and choreography. I’m not so sure that Asada had what it took.’”
Sport Chosun com.

"Asada wins with 200 points, although analyst noted she made triple-axle jump from the wrong edge." [Same meaning in the original text.]
Chyun chon daily news

"Asada lands on two feet but wins the short program with higher artistic points!”
Sports Seoul.com

I have no idea why only Mao Asada must bear such abuse from these writers so frequently. One of my friends in Korea, a courageous reader, has sent e-mails warning them not to use your videos for such a purpose and asking them to write more fair and balanced articles. And again, please keep in mind that any indiscreet remarks made by your commentators could be picked up and badly used by those writing with less-than unbiased intentions.

In the upcoming Grand Prix Figure Skating Finals in December and the following Sochi Winter Olympic Games, figure skating fans all over the world will be looking forward to watching the events on your live streaming channel and listening to your commentators fair and professional views, without any concerns at all. We all would appreciate unbiased, evenhanded, dependably informative, and fully accurate reports that will encourage all the athletes.

Thank you.

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