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What happened to Stage 10 of the Dakar yesterday? Why carry on with snooker that had been on for hours already?

If the stage was shown later it didn't appear on my Sky+. This happened last Friday as well. Really disappointing that you can't just slot a 30 minute show in amongst all the interminable snooker and tennis.

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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I totally agree, what can't Eurosport just repeat the show that they over run? Or perhaps have it on differing times on the HD channel and the normal one. All I want is to see the Dakar when it is programmed to be on, and not snooker which can be interrupted!

  • SimonSimon commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    More appalling programming from Eurosport last night and tonight. I gave up waiting for the snooker to finish or be cut and the Dakar highlights it to come on last night and went to bed. And again tonight at the advertised time for the highlights the snooker was on again. By chance I happened to see it was on just after midnight but not in time to see the bikes. It really isn't good enough - hopefully those advertisers buying Dakar slots will see this and apply pressure to Eurosport to stick to the schedule.

    (And as an aside, how is it that a 2 week race - one of the world's toughest - with hundreds of riders and drivers racing long gruelling days only gets 30 minutes of highlights each night? And to make matters worse, commentated on by someone whose style really doesn't suit the Dakar and adds nothing to programme. Let's see a decent highlight package of at least an hour a night, commentated on by someone (or some people) who have some passion for the sport and can inform and entertain.)

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