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Older Games and the Lay out of the games section

So i thought i'd give this new look a try and to be perfectly honest i find the whole layout annoying, i cannot find the catorgories for the game's. The game's are just pointless every site you go on has the same old predictable games, i miss the good old games, canasta, word racer, Tower's, and i feel having those games on yahoo is what attracted the players in the first place. Now all yahoo is doing is catering for the young, and silly game's. There has been alot of negative oppinions about this whole transformation, and not one of those comment's has been looked into. We all know 'YAHOO' is going down the pan, i mean honestly with bigger and better site's you would think you would stay the same and make small changes but no, you go all out and take everyones favourite game away altogether and give us nothing back. Some of us have been with yahoo many many years. They are loyal and come back even though you robbed them of their favourite game and gave them.... bingo, mahjong, etc etc. How is that right? Even these suggestion's are ignored, as to be perfectly honest you don't care what our views and oppinions are just so long as you get to do what you want. Why add this feature here, if all you are going to do is fob us off with the same darn replies in each and every post you make. Sort it out YAHOO. And if you really want to improve your site, then perhaps add "retro yahoo games" that way everyone is happy! you get to add your silly bingo games and we get to have our retro game's I miss Yahoo Towers! and i loved that game, nowhere else does that game same with word racer, why remove that?

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    I don't expect a reply, but you put a suggestion page, and don't even take into account what people are saying. I stopped playing game's on yahoo as it's laggy and boring now. RIP YAHOO GAMES :-( and whoevers bright idea it was to do this, needs to ger their head out the clouds.

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