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I tried to check my email today and it said my password was invalid so I tried to reset my password MULTIPLE times due to the fact that it kept telling me "I can't use any part of my username" EVEN THOUGH MY PASSWORD HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY NAME >:( OR it would tell me my "new" password is INVALID OR it tells me it's TOO WEAK. SERIOUSLY?! The passwords of come up with couldn't possible be THAT weak. IM SO ANNOYED AT THE FACT THAT I CANT EVEN CHANGE MY PASSWORD. Can someone fix this issue ASAP??

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  • Erik Maas commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi my name is Erik. (Erik Maas)
    It's strange that I'm signed in but I can't get acces to get into my emailaccount on my PC.
    Allthough I can still read my mail on my smartphone.

    I want to change my password and go on with using my mailaccount on my PC.

    There are no codes send to my mobilephone. I
    Can't I get in can I get some help please.

    Erik Maas

  • YahoosoontobeMYSPACED! commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    SO SO SO sick of this new password garbage.. The NSA needs NO password to access my accounts, yet I am forced to have CIA level passwords by some geek who has no clue of reality..

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