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The NEW password REQUIREMENTS ARE assinine... so many flaws.. "cant use a part of your name" WTF one letter is the same..

Cant use part of your name m LMAO I am trying O N E letter from my name.. Good thing i DONT HAVE SOME MASSIVE NAME... IT ALSO SAYS "CANT USE AN OLD PASSWORD" tell me THAT MEANS YOU KEEP AN ACTIVE LIST OF ALL MY PASSWORDS yAHOO? tHAT'S KINDA STUPID AND "INSECURE " OF YOU ALL NOW ISN'T IT? also i HAVE NEVER EVER HAD A PASSWORD COMPROMISED.. i ALSO DO NOT HAVE SOME INCREDIBLE PHOTO MEMORY.. SO you jackoffs make me write my uber complicated passwords down on paper.. NICE JOB yahoo.. do you even liste to USERS anymore yahoo? This new password **** is for the birds.. NSA doesn't need a friggin p[assword to acess my accounts WHY DO I HAVE TO HAVE NSA LEVAL PASSWORDS for my silly email account YAHOO?

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    I have been waiting over 3 hours with the call center. Security is one thing but this is ridiculous. I am going to close my 12 year old account with yahoo ASAP !!

  • YahoosoontobeMYSPACED! commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    By the way YAHOO,, my list of PREVIOUS passwords is growing exponentially, since you want to make me reset my stuff EVERY DAY... Been yahoo since the very beginning.. pretty close to MYSPACING you..

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