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better email security for yahoo

Hello, I have received spam email from many different yahoo email users recently, friends of mine who have yahoo email addresses. I have received none from other email domains, so I think you have a security issue with your email system. I would guess this is happening to yahoo email users worldwide, and I am only seeing the ones who have me in their address book

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  • Anna PiggottAnna Piggott commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I totally agree with YAHOO lack of safety and security. I checked out my SIGN IN ACTIVITY and it is showing the Location as The Netherlands - when I live in the UK. Plus the Log-In times is always an hour later than my UK time. My IP address shows it's from the UK though. What's going on ? Why don't YAHOO have a LIVE CHAT for their customers, or an email address we can send our issues to ?

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