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Deletion of the article

Please delete the title and content of the article.
The tite what i want to delete is "내 남자친구 최홍석".
I will inform you of the url address of the article below.

야후 코리아
searched page url-

search word- 내 남자친구 최홍석

title of the article- 내 남자친구 최홍석
url of the article-

I was sued for the cyber defamation.
I was ordered through the court to delete the articles which can cause the trouble.
The title of the article which I suggested that it should be deleted includes the sensational word(내 남자친구).
The title of the article which I suggested that it should be deleted includes the real name(최홍석).
The title of the article which includes the sensational word and the real name should be deleted by September 13th.
Please delete the title of the article as quickly as possible if you check my suggestion writing.

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