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More Fleshed-Out Yahoo Answer Cards in Web Portal

Web Portal:
Yahoo should give more attention to yahoo answers snippets in its web portal. "Is Russian an easy language to learn?" This question gives us a snippet but the snippet contains a hard to see border. The snippet should be like Bing's reddit feature where you can scroll through the top responses. You only get one answer on Yahoo. When mouse is over card then card should show depth animation for visual aid (like Bing does).

Search.Yahoo Homepage:
You could include the ability to ask questions via the search.yahoo homepage. Make the page scrollable like Bing and include the feature to ask on the homepage. OR... When one is typing a question in search box you could include a link at the end of the search query and when one clicks on link then it submits the question. Both would drive more traffic and usage to that area.

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    It would not submit the question when you click on the link but would take you to the Answers area to fill out the Summary. Just an idea.

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