How can we improve Yahoo News?

This is a Propaganda not news

After 3-4 years scanning news after closing my Yahoo mail
You are lefty Jews of British roots
I don't respect left, queers
I don't like Brits that faked a scam "Israel" and called it a country in 1948.
This terminology is clear bias, and I read it always:
"diversity" = "illegal immigration"
"activist" = "recent graduate from a major that can get 0 jobs"
"comedian" = "clown"
"feminist" = "charlie, not even beta male"
"abortionist" = "his mother was too naive that failed aborting him through the traditional ways that women know"
"moderate rebel" = "Wahhabi terrorist, with a beard, no mustache"
"far right" = "centrist in fact"
"pride" = "shame, laughable everywhere"
"contribution" = "money laundering"
"great city to live in" = "need 4 to work to pay rental"
"confidential resource" = "a twitter account"
"hacker" = "excuse for being clueless"
"model / life style" = "*****"
"anti Semite" = "truth teller"
"racist" = "patriot"
"diversity" = "racism against the highest qualified faculty and better worker"
I thought that Verizon is a right winger company, that funded Trump campaign when I worked there in 2016 ... why didn't they force resignation of few New Yorker Jews from a position that they cannot fill?

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