How can we make Fantasy Baseball better?

2 Week Playoff Matchups with Adjustable Schedule

I would love to see Yahoo allow for 2 week playoff matchups and an adjustable schedule that allows you to end regular season whenever you want. These options are currently available on ESPN. After doing our fantasy baseball on Yahoo since 2006, we switched over to ESPN this season because our managers simply prefer 2 week playoff matchups and how it rewards a "true" winner.

Especially in a sport like baseball that entails so much randomness, a 1 week matchup at any given time is almost a "crapshoot". Also, allowing for an adjustable schedule would also be a great feature to add. Being able to end the regular season by the end of July is great, because by then, the teams that are already out of the race have begun to check out and stop editing their lineups. I feel as though an August regular season is just full of very dull matchups because of this. Having a 2 week playoff matchup would accomplish much of this on it's own, but having that option to end the playoffs in early or mid September would also be nice to have.

Overall the Yahoo user experience far exceeds ESPN. I would love to go back to Yahoo next season for Fantasy Baseball. Adding these features would go a long way towards making Yahoo the complete package in a Fantasy Baseball experience.

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  • RC commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Agree. Great point on ending season when you'd like and making a custom schedule. As you mentioned, since one week is such a **** shoot not only a two week championship would be great but my league would love to have a two week semifinal round as well.

  • Joe Foltz commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yep. My league is considering switching over to ESPN to allow for 2 week playoff matchups. We would stay with Yahoo! if this changes, but, as of now, the plan is to move over to ESPN.

  • Ravi Sohal commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Thank you. Seems as though Yahoo! has been a little late to the dance on these features as the people having been pining for them for years. Would absolutely love to come back to Yahoo! next season with these features in place

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