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Create a Commissioner's Protected or Exempt List

We do farm club drafts each year in my 3-sport dynasty league -- baseball, football, and basketball and hold those players' rights for up to 3 years. If there could be a commissioner-controlled list of "protected" players we could put those guys on it would be very helpful. It would eliminate the failure to check the list and accidentally pick up someone else's farm clubber. Commish would just have to release the player/add him to a roster when someone wants to activate them. Also - for issues like the 45 newly drafted players (Mize, Bart, etc) that were posted, they could be moved to this list to protect farm club drafts.

This is by no means a complaint, but just a feature that would be useful.

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    Great idea. We have a similar Farm System list of players and a 'protected' list would be a needed step forward.

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