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Idp leagues

I would like for there to be flex idp spots just like there are for offense. I understand there is a d, for everything, but why can't there be hybrids? Dl/db lb/dl db/lb? To make idp good, it has to be like offense

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    agreed. A hybrid flex option that allows IDPs/WR/TE/RB would be fine. Private IDP leagues can elect to use it or not. But it is simply absurd that the option is not available on this prehistoric fantasy football site. Just shameful. ENjoy 1988 people, because that's what you're playing in when you use Yahoo.

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    I've been asking for flex hybrids for the past 3 years to no avail. MFL, RTSports and I think ESPN allow private leagues to set their own options for flex, including IDP/WR/RB/TE hybrids. I play on RTSports every year. Yahoo is backwards. Face it. You get what you pay for.

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