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New Power Rankings

I think our current power rankings stink. I have no idea what it means. I think it has something to do with projected future points, but your guess is as good as mine. And what does this ranking really tell us about being a manager? We should be ranking teams on the decisions that were made at the draft, on game day and all throughout the season? The standings and points scored only go so far, we can go deeper. We can see exactly how great teams were built and where other teams blew it. How lucky a team got, how injury effected another team and if managers are good team builders, but make poor decisions when it comes to who to start or draft poorly and somehow patch together a playoff contender.
For the last few seasons, I’ve been tinkering with a rating that does all that. I try to take all the decisions that go into your starting line-up and grade everyone on each of them. Items such as: draft, free agency, trades, cuts, points scored, points on bench, injury, optimal line-up and luck. I calculate how many points above or below average someone is in each category and convert it to winning percentage netted (I can go into further detailed upon request). Then I put these decisions in different buckets: Skill/Luck, GM/Coach and Draft/Free Agency/Trade. I average this rating with the teams’ actual win percentage and win% if they played everyone every week to come up with their “Kosmo Rating”. Now numbers guys who are all over fantasy sports, can see how they performed at a granular level. We can see where we need to improve, if the #1 seed is a paper tiger and which team we really want to avoid in the first round of the playoffs.

I want Yahoo! to use it. I would love to see the historical profile of everyone in our league since our inception in 2004. Currently, I can just see final scores and can’t go back to see old line-ups with projected and actual points scored. I want something that separates Yahoo! from other sites and retains leagues. I made this easy to do on an excel spreadsheet. After adding the draft and team names, all I have to do is paste in the weekly line-ups. I would be excited to test it out on other leagues.

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