How can we make Fantasy Football better?

I do what's called Manager Efficiency Rating -- a percentage of points scored versus the points you could have scored with the right players

I do what's called Manager Efficiency Rating -- a percentage of points scored versus the points you could have scored if you had the "right" players in your lineup (the optimal). I also do what's called Strength of Team, which is simply a sum of a team's optimal points. With these two measures, you can analyze who has been good at inserting the right players into their lineups and whose team has had potential, but the manager can't get it right in terms of their lineup. It can identify who has been doing well despite not having the pieces on the roster, by way of good management.

Something you might do: say David Johnson has 200 points on the year thus far. Well, how many of those points were scored when he was in my lineup? If you track this, at the end, I can see if I got the most of my player, or if I kept benching him when he did well, starting him when he didn't do so well.

I keep track of a manager's career win-loss records, their average points per season, their average points per game over their career, their playoff win-loss records, and their championship victories. Then I take these stats and put them into a spreadsheet that can be sorted. I keep track of all-time high score, highest all-time point total for a season, etc. I used to do win-loss projections, but Yahoo! now has that.

If win/loss records for a manager are compiled, the site should recognize when a manager takes over for a team whose manager has been removed -- assigning the appropriate wins and losses to the the manager who won or lost.

The existing Record Book doesn't go back far enough if you've started, say, in 2002, as I have, to be worthwhile.

There could be a history of #1 overall picks and the managers who took those players (as its own list); a history of your individual 1st-round picks over the years (as its own list); a history of everyone who was on your roster each year - the points they scored for the year and the points they scored for you; a history of fantasy MVPs -- a list of the highest scoring player in the league year after year.

You could incorporate, for the last week of the season, playoff scenarios. I always figure out for my managers what needs to happen for them the final week of the season to get into the playoffs.

I write up a little blurb for upcoming playoff matches, included information on the team's average score for the year, the career head-to-head between managers, the good pickups during the season, the adversity a team experience with injuries, the career regular season records and playoff records, etc. For example, it's always fun to point out that while I've had great success in the regular season, that championship win has been elusive.

Another thing I've developed: a system for inserting players into lineups when a manager forgets, isn't paying attention, whatever. No one should win because their opponent isn't managing. It has too much of an impact on the other teams and the league overall. It's not fair to a person who is trying to make the playoffs and needs me to lose because I'm ahead of them, but I'm gifted a win against whomever I'm playing that week. Then that same guy, perhaps, later plays the team I had an easy time against, but when that team's players, who were on bye against me, aren't against him. And if it's clear that someone has quit, I have methods for managing the unmanaged teams. Feel free to ask me about my system. But I firmly believe no one should win against a short-handed team, and no one should want to win that way.

These are some of the ideas I have and some of the things I do. Get at me Yahoo! I live for this stuff.

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