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Prioritize FAAB Transactions (not completed!)

This issue was already reported and marked as COMPLETED but is still a problem. Thank you user Mike ( for the excellent description of the issue.

"Yahoo, you need to enable owners to prioritize their FAAB transactions. Your current setup of processing an owner's highest bid over their lowest bid is an egregious mistake.

Take the following example:
Owner A wants to drop Adrian Peterson for Matt Asiata with a bid of $8.
Owner A also wants to drop Adrian Peterson for Jerick McKinnon with a bid of $2.

Let's say Owner A would actually prefer the $2 Jerick McKinnon transaction to process over the $8 Matt Asiata transaction. As Yahoo currently has FAAB waivers constructed the $8 transaction will process over the $2 transaction because it has the higher bid. This is bogus. If owners were able to prioritize their transactions, as they are with traditional waivers, then the owner would be able to give a higher priority to the $2 transaction.

If Owner A had the ability to prioritize their transactions in the above example and they were the high bid on Jerick McKinnon with a $2 bid then they would be given Jerick McKinnon for $2 and the $8 Matt Asiata transaction would not process through as a result (since both transactions involved dropping Adrian Peterson).

This is huge!

Just because an owner placed a higher bid on a different player does not mean that they value this player greater than a player they placed a lower bid on. Matt Asiata was the better known player last year and thus would have required a higher bid. Jerick McKinnon was the better RB, but lesser known player, last year and thus would have required a lower bid.

Yahoo you are precluding owners from strategizing their FAAB acquisitions by automatically, and indiscriminately, prioritizing an owner's higher bid over their lower bid.

I would imagine enabling leagues that utilize an FAAB waiver system to change waiver wire priority on their transactions would be an easy fix. You already have the programming language in place from leagues that utilize traditional waivers.

It's imperative that you fix this issue as you are destroying the concept of FAAB waivers. Owners are smart. Owners are coy. Just because an owner bid a higher $ on a player does not mean that they want that player over a different player they bid less $ on. Simply enable us to prioritize each one of our bids and this issue will be rectified."

Here is proof that this ticket has not been completed…

You can see here that the lower bid is excluded from the priority adjustment:

And here I'm not even allowed to make any adjustments:

Please give us full control over our FAAB waivers! Thanks.

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  • Metellus Cimber commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I'm glad you already had this posted, and I wish they would make this simple fix. I want to try getting a cheap flyer before I spend more on someone I'll definitely need if that first one doesn't go through. It seems like they actively had to put the coding in to make the highest $ claim #1, which is just annoying.

  • Brandon Greenberg commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree 100%, there is no reason you can't put your waivers in any order you want! Just because I think a player will be cheaper does not mean I want them less!

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