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Cost per Transaction on the Waiver Wire

Cost Per Transactions: My current league is a cash league, however we also collect at the end of the year for roster pickups on the waiver wire. $2.50 per pickup, $2.50 per drop. A move cost $5.00 total.

In 2017, can Yahoo collect the transaction fee when the transaction is made?

Action: Have the paypal account link to Yahoo Wallet, everytime a transaction is made, the withdrawal is collected in the league pot.

2016 was even better as the Commissioner end of the year responsibilities are automated with payments with the collection of funds at the start of the season.

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    I wouldn't look for Yahoo! to make a move in this direction. They have their own games for cash they support and private cash games.

    One off type leagues or leagues that have some kind of custom payment process are not high on the priority list.

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