How can we make Fantasy Football better?

Additional Roster Positions

In order to keep Special Teams relevant, I propose adding two positions:

KR = Kick Returner
PR = Punt Returner

Each NFL team designate a player, usually a wide receiver, slotted on its special team roster. Adding the above two roster positions will allow leagues to utilize the return yards and the return touchdowns into their grand scheme of their football strategy.

The above will provide a valuable option for league owners, whereas, some wide receivers and runnings backs may be on the low end of their respective depth chart, but may be on the top end of the special team depth chart.

If IDP's can be included into the roster positions, so should special team positions that can provide some scoring potential for team owners and allow leagues take full advantage of of most of the NFL positions.


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    I would use these positions in leagues I commission. I would prefer to addd special teams relevance by Yahoo creating a Special Teams (ST) position similar to Defense team position. Then DEF could have just the defense stat categories, and ST could have just the special teams stat categories.

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