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Players like Colin Kaepernick is should NOT be listed as a 49er.

When the 49ers play (because he is apparently on their team unbeknownst to the 49ers) he is placed on Waivees which is INCORRECT. He should still be available to pickup as a Free Agent. This is a billion dollar business. Why are these obvious things being fixed prior to the season? It's mind boggling how many years it takes yahoo to make things right. It took 3 years of me and probably many others to hound them about excluding UNAVAILABLE players on Transaction Trends. And don't get me started on why Yahoo thinks ANYONE cares how many times a player is traded. Nobody cares. It tells me nothing! What a joke!

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    Still waiting for Yahoo to clear this up. Is Tony Romo still a Cowboy?? These players are no longer connected with their team. These are free agents. When their FORMER team plays, they shouldn't be out on WAIVERS. It's ridiculous. Yahoo is embarrassing. Who is running this thing?? A bunch of morons.

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