How can we make Fantasy Football better?

..better Draft settings..

..i keep getting stuck in super-small leagues (6 teams or less) when
i'm unable to back out within 20min of the Draft..sure, i should be
more aware & exit beforehand, but why not make it easier to bail??..

..or, moreover, Y! currently has a "Max Teams" setting..why not
incorporate a "Min Teams" alongside that??? Commishes can
say, i want a League of 16-teams, but am willing to go with 14, or
12, or whatnot..
..if that messes with Draft times, just auto-set to move the draft an
hour later if the "Min Teams" threshold isn't achieved..

..i'm about to Draft in a 4-team league & i'm unable to exit (that i
can find??) due to being within the Draft window opening..i'll
likely Dominate this league, but i prefer competition-!!..

just sayin'>>

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  • cary smith commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    ..not to mention that, as soon as the Draft Room opens,
    no one else can LEAST permit leagues to stay
    visible until a nearer cut-off (15min? 10??)..

    geez louise!>>

  • cary smith commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    ..also we can't back out once the Draft Room opens, 30MIN
    (!!!) before actual Draft time, even though the site says the
    Draft loads 15min before..

    ..i just got STUCK in an 8-teamer due to this..we GOTTA
    have a better way to insure players like me, who don't
    like minuscule league sizes can avoid them..the MIN
    Team option is one that might work?..

    kinda sucks>>

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