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Two issues I faced regarding "Pre-Draft" settings:

1) 10 minutes before the draft time for one of my league, I realized that the time needed to be pushed by 30 minutes (I am the commissioner). Yahoo's pre-draft settings would not let me do this. The commissioner can only change the draft time UP TO one hour before the draft time begins. As per Yahoo, this is because that is when the draft room is created. This is ridiculous. You should be able to change the draft time ANYTIME before the draft begins, even if it's one second before start time, to accommodate team managers.

2nd ISSUE:
I communicated a specific draft order to my league. When we all entered the draft room, Yahoo changed that draft order, which as you can imagine GREATLY upset the entire group including myself. Because of Yahoo's "Pre-Draft" settings, I can only change Draft Order up to 1 hour before the actual draft time. Again, really stupid system limitation that does not keep Yahoo customer's needs in mind.

SUGGESTION: "PRE-DRAFT" means just that: ANYTIME before the draft. Yahoo, you need to fix this. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has found a need to change the draft time or draft order within 1 hour of original draft time. You have millions of customers who play Yahoo Fantasy Sports - make sensible system enhancements with the benefit of the customer in mind.

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    You should be happy. You have just two complaints against Yahoo's fantasy football game.
    Many of us have several complaints.

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