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Does anyone know how to report a commissioner/ get a league deleted

League commissioner has reset the league 3 times now "claiming" he wanted to get more teams. Finally he changed the draft to auction and ran it while no one but him knew about it so he could stack his team and then disabled everything in the league, not able to post comments/email to communicate with others, disabled trades. Basically just created this to allow himself to win a league. Just think there ought to be a way to report this to yahoo and get the league deleted or what not

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    Having commissioner issues in a Public League now, heading into 2019 season. Commish made major scoring changes just a couple hours before draft and when 3 teams asked why the changes were made, we were all locked and/or blocked from performing line up changes, all transactions and message board posting. Tom says yahoo can do nothing for a private league does that mean something can be done for a Public league or no? Tom is right, though, yahoo should have something in place for these issues.
    It's a small issue compared to reality of day to day real-life problems but I don't like idea of my Rating & Levels taking a negative hit. I gotta grab bragging rights when I can from my friends, hahahaa

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    Have the same problem with a league I played in and won past 2 years. Commish has deleted enitre teams and locked mine when trying to make moves. Contacted Yahoo and was told nothing could be done due to a private league. Yahoo has to step up and do something.

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