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My auto draft was completed yesterday. I had moved all TE's and Kickers to my do not draft list as I find these positions easy to fill from waivers after the draft. Yahoo instaed insists on filling my TE position in the 8th round with Anthony Denham (Phi - TE), bet you don't know who he is either!!!!!! I had checked yesterday to make sure there were no TE's left that I had not put on my do not draft list, there were none but yet I get this stiff in the 8th round!!! Then to boot, yahoo also feels it is necessary to fill my back-up QB position with John Wolford (NYJ - QB) in the 13th round. Again, I'll bet you don't know this guy either, I surely don't. I don't require a back up QB, i can again easily fill that position for my starting QB's bye week from waivers. Still wondering how I would get this guy in the 13th. I get yahoo was trying to fill my starting line-up when sticking me with a disaster of a pick in the 8th, but how could this back-up QB be ranked over 100's of other players I could have gotten in the 13th round. If I had to get stuck with a QB who is ranked 2727th overall how did that happen in the 13th round and not the absolute last round of the draft? Thank you yahoo for completely screwing up my team.

893rd ranked
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