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Dropping players

a team in my league picked up a free agent(Goodwin SF) today 9/22/18 at 109 am. That's fine. The player he dropped(Antonio Callaway) played on Thursday night. Not fine. How is he able to drop a player who just played Thursday night?

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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The transaction in your league is permitted in the Yahoo game. A player on the BN can be dropped at any time, even after their game has been played.

    If a player is rostered in a scoring position, they cannot be dropped until the play for the week has completed.

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    Can not drop a player on Fantasy Football even though he was on the Do Not Drop List,now the Team has dropped him from the roster,so i have a player who will never play a game and losing points because i can not add someone else!

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