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transparency on who vetoed a trade

Trade Veto Transparency (TVT).

Allow all League Members (or at least the Commish) to see who voted against a trade. We have certain League Members who hide behind the current anonymity and veto trades that help other teams (even though the trades themselves are fair).

I'm against Commissioner Review because of timing issues (i.e. I have a life outside of Fantasy Football and sometimes I don't get around to checking the League for a few days) and also I don't want all the other League Members contacting me directly about why the trade is legitimate or why I should not allow it to go through -- we have a very active League.

I don't think "No Trade Review" is an option because we run the risk of some League Members abusing this privilege and it lends itself towards a Wild West atmosphere of trading where anything goes. By instituting some type of control (i.e keeping League voting on trades but allowing veto results to be viewable), it gives the psychological perception of League stability.

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    Commissioners aren't allowed to have a life. Seriously though I think we are switching just because the delay is SO long.

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    Additional Point on Timing:
    I do enjoy the fact that under League Trade Voting, the trade processes the morning after a 48hr review period. This is consistent across all trades and everyone is aware of when the trade will go through. Under Commissioner Review, the trade will process when the Commissioner reviews it, which can vary. League Members will push the Commissioner to process the trade quickly or be upset if the Commissioner takes too long (e.g. as mentioned before, I have a life outside Fantasy Football and might not get around to reviewing the trade for a few days).

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