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It is not fair to hurt our ability to make our team better. Or at the least be active on the waiver wire while trying to preserve my squad. I have a player whom all reporting says will be out for weeks, and low and behold every week he has ended up out. But at the beginning of the week you keep changing it to questionable and then on Friday-Saturday you change it back to Out. This is hurting my ability to participate in Waivers. I want to pick another player and drop another player but because this players status keeps going back and forth it is stopping me from doing that. Instead I have to drop a player just to put this player back on active roster only to put him back on IR after waivers have passed. This is not fair. If every team had a player doing this then fine. But only a few of us have players doing this. Please help fix this problem. Some advice..just keep players status as out till right before game day, or include a doubtful status that can qualify for IR. Please help as bye weeks are really compounding the issue.

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