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Fantasy Football Playoff FORMAT CUSTOMIZATION

Need the ability to be able to customize the playoff FORMAT beyond the number of teams and reseeding. I.E. The ability to have multi-week playoff matchups (semis head-to-head matchup for both week 13 and 14 then championship is weeks 15 and 16) or even the ability in a 6 team playoff structure for the top 4 high scores for the first week advance to the semis then the top 2 scores in the semis advance to the championship. Really any additional customization ability in the playoffs would be GREAT. Thanks.

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    Please create an option for the commissioner to personally customize their leagues playoff format. For my league, I want the option of implementing a 10 team playoff field for my 12 team league. I could designate Week 13 to be my "Wild Card" week and have 7th place vs 10th place and 8th place vs 9th place. Two Division winners are awarded the top two seeds along with having Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth place all bye to the Quarterfinals. Week 13 wild card winners advance to the Week 14 Quarterfinals having the 7th place vs 10th place winner advance to play the 2nd seed and 8th place vs 9th place winner advancing to play the 1st seed. 4th place plays 5th place and 3rd place plays 6th place. Week 15 is our Semi-Final round and Week 16 is the Championship. Its 2019. Yahoo! has to have the budget and programmers that could create more advanced playoff options for Yahoo! Fantasy Football.

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