How can we make Fantasy Football better?

Weekly Contracts

The problem I have with FF is it relies heavily on how well you drafted. Get lucky and you win for 16 weeks straight.

In my league we use FAAB which is a lot of fun because it creates a supply and demand market and assigns dollar values to waiver wire players.

Here is my idea. What would be cool is a week-to-week contract system. Teams get a budget just like real life teams. Players get "signed" to a contract on draft day from anywhere from 1 week to the whole season. Initially, this is based on algorithms tracking projected value, draft ranking etc. But as the season progresses it becomes purely market-driven. Maybe I pick up Tom Brady for 3 weeks because that's when I need him and that's the only way I can afford him.

This system creates a lot of turnover and makes fantasy football way more transactional and fun and not just about game day and holding a bunch of keepers till the end.

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    When a player's weekly contract expires, they essentially become a free agent open to a bidding war with anyone in the league.

    Dumping an underperforming player to the waivers nullifies their contract and makes them a free agent again.

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    To clarify one thing that I can't go back and edit:

    "Initially, this is based on algorithms tracking projected value, draft ranking etc. "

    I mean, the "per-week" value of a player's contract would initially be algorithmically generated. Afterwards, when a contract expired, anyone could make a per-week bid on that player. Similar to the stock market, you could buy low, sell high like futures contracts, etc. Trades could include buyouts.

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