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Next Day Waivers vs 1-day waivers

As many are saying, waivers don't clear until like 3am EST on Wednesday, meaning that the lowest waiver period (1-day) results in the player not being available until 3am EST on Friday.

This is not only a ridiculous wait period for the lowest setting, but it blocks anyone from picking up players who play on Thursday night. Those players will now be on waivers from the time they are dropped Tuesday PM, for a whole week due to them playing o Thursday... this has been a HUGE bugaboo for my league.

My proposals:

> Option 1 - Make a time of day, say 10am... All players dropped by 10am will clear waivers the "next day" (instead of current 1-day rules, which is basically waiting 2 days). Players dropped after said time will follow regular 1-day waiver rules. This stops waiver times from becoming an issue.

> Option 2 - Any player that's on waivers but has a game the next day, automatically clears waivers at a certain time. So if Player A is dropped on Wednesday at 4pm but he has a game on Thursday, he would clear waivers so he's "in play" for Thursday. Same would apply to the majority of players who would play on Sunday. The issue is picking when they clear, maybe 12pm Noon on gameday (regardless of Thursday or Sunday).

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