How can we make Survival Football better?

Weekly reset button for the survivor league.

add a weekly reset button. This way when you get deep in the season and the last remaining 4 teams all go out in the same week, you can carry just those 4 teams and all data over to the following week to keep playing until a winner is determined. I'd call it the Highlander feature "There can be only one!"

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    I completely agree with the spirit of this idea. Right now my survival pool is using the 3-strike system for the purposes of allowing these types of ties to continue in the pool. Our rules are the same, where the last person remaining wins the whole pool. The only time we allow co-winners is when the remaining teams agree on it, so at least allowing ties to continue would be an incredibly useful tool so I don't have to re-explain every year that the 3 strike system is still actually only 1 strike!

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