How can we make Survival Football better?

Prize money 100,000 or more, makes the game intense and exciting. I had many friends who wanted in this year but now only 10k?

2017 was a blast and intense with 100k as prize money. What a disappointment to see 10k for 2018. I had encouraged and spread the word to many friends who were looking forward to play this year, but now? I only expected the prized money to grow, not be slashed by 90%. Hopefully yahoo can work harder to increase sponsorship and advertising to improve and restore the survival football game to 100k or more soon.

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    I feel your pain. I was a finalist last season and won $346. This year it isnt even worth it. I don't think the geniuses at Yahoo understand that the Survival Pool DOESN'T have to be 100% self-sustaining in order to be profitable. There's plenty of carry-over site use to other pages and click-throughs to supplement the pool's current sponsorships and ads. Draft Kings has a Pick Em pool, but the week 2 prize is a mere shadow of the first week's jackpots. Corporate greed and stupidity at its finest.

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