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When is the last time the groups worked flawlessly?

If it isn't photo upload issues, which seem to be the most prominent of the bugs, its the message posts not showing up for hours and sometimes days. Moderator activities hasn't worked in months. Message history stopped working in January of this year. If you IDIOTS don't care about the groups then why do you continue with them. Either you guys are cheapskates and refuse to fix them or your tech support is incompetent. I have started contacting the people that advertise on the groups and told them I will no longer support any manufacturer that advertises on the groups.

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  • Marsha Bradford commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yahoo groups are a joke. If it isn't the photo upload that's down then its messages that don't show up for hours or even days. The activity log hasn't worked since January as well as message history. What me and many people don't understand is if Yahoo doesn't care about the groups then why keep them going? It's a sad day when even the advertisements that slow every thing down isn't enough to make Yahoo take care of the groups properly, then whats the point. People are tired of CHEAP PRODUCTS that don't last and here, even with all the advertisements making Yahoo money, they sell us a plastic cheap item that doesn't last. I hope this company goes bankrupt and I hope the CEO bites it before he/she gets to spend all that ill gotten money for their CHEAP SERVICE.

  • Louise commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Before they made the groups with this NEO BS. They (the groups) worked great until they changed what worked. Since this new design a few years ago, this has been what we get. What I don't understand is if they don't want or care about the groups then WHY don't they just take them down. Incompetence,greed, and downright BS at its best. YAHELL!!!

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