Hi, please let us know how we can improve Groups.

Return Groups format to prior format that WORKS!

The new format does is NOT user friendly and works poorly and destroys some of that attracts new members to my group.

The home page is gone. People join my group to get photos of their dogs edited and honored by being posted on the group home page which is now GONE! Only ONE of the photos can be seen at ALL.

The functionality of all parts of the group is severely degraded and NOT user friendly.

I tried to reorder groups and the functionality is so bad as to make it almost worthless. I can ONLY scroll to the bottom of the list if I move something from the top 10 down, and then I can bring something back up, but then I have not way to get that top10 item back up without moving about 6 to 8 groups around to slowly drag it back up to where I want IT to be.

I cannot view photos attached to messages sent to the group. A thumbnail attached to the email does NOT take me to the photos. It takes me to somewhere totally wrong.

When I click on Photos, I'm shown large icons of one photo from several albums, but even on mouseover, I am NOT given the album's NAME, so I don't know whose album it is. I can't get a LIST of album names to look for the one I want.

"Messages" is replaced by conversations and there is NO option to select a specific month to go to in order to read messages from that month/year. There is also no Search window to allow me to do a keyword search for messages in the archives on any specific topic.

Files has the files almost in alphabetical order, but files are mixed with folders and that's less helpful than having folders at the top.

Links has the folders at the top and the unfiled links below that, which is almost good, but they are NOT in alphabetical order and I cannot select what order to have them shown in.

I'm not allowed to edit the opening "info" webpage like I used to edit the group homepage. Only ONE of the 3 graphics I created to honor 6 new group members is findable and you have to know where and how to find it.

The group description is no longer editable!

Members are all set to "default group policy" rather than "moderated" or "not moderated" and now I have to go figure out what YOU reset MY GROUP POLICY on message posting to. This is IRRITATING!

The Export function for the membership list is the FIRST thing I've found that is appealing and helpful.

The Control Panel/About Group is where I can edit the DAMAGED copy (damaged by Yahoo) of the html code that used to be on my group's home page.

The Control Panel/Access Control looks good, BUT YOU ALTERED MY SETTINGS without MY input or permission.

The Control Panel/Group Settings appears to be ok, but it's one of the few things that I have no problem with.

Messages posted to the group are also coming through MUCH MORE SLUGGISHLY than before.

I find NOWHERE any link to photos attached to emails, which was available.
I find NO Spam Pending Email folder.

I find NO option to change BACK to the format that you got rid of, but if I could put my group back to the prior format, I would DO SO IMMEDIATELY!

You need to take member and moderator and owner opinions into account and return us to the prior format and not make such drastic changes with NO NOTICE and NO user feedback BEFOREHAND! I REQUEST YOU RETURN ALL GROUPS TO THE PRIOR FORMAT. IT WORKED! THE NEW ONE IS HORRIBLE AND MANY PORTIONS DO NOT WORK AT ALL.

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Since this feedback was posted – we’ve been making many changes based on this and many other feedback. See the blog post that itemizes some of them


While we continue to listen to your feedback and improve Yahoo Groups, we do not intend to rollback to the old version. To learn more about why we redesigned Yahoo Groups read the blog post titled “The Future of Yahoo Groups”


Marking this feedback item as completed. If you feel you have specific feedback that has not been addressed do send them our way.

Thank you and please continue to provide specific, actionable feedback on enhancements and features that you think will make using Yahoo Groups a fulfilling experience.

- Yahoo Groups Product Team

We’ve made a number of changes to the new experience, based on feedback from you, some of them are:

1. Previous / Next navigation to move from one message or topic to another is now working well

2. The default page that opens when clicking on a group name on the left navigation panel is messages as requested by many of our users

3. The messages list shows a larger preview of the message this is the same view as seen on the ‘Groups home’ page that has latest updates from across your groups

4. Message history is more discoverable on the conversation toolbar – this allows access to messages from the archive by specific month and year

5.Photos albums and photos have their title information displayed by default ( it was appearing on hover)

6. Files – list of files and folders can be sorted alphabetically.

7. Improvements in making the customization of cover Image for your group work well with all major browser versions.

8. Search messages using universal search – we’ve made it more discoverable by using default text in the search box that reads “Search conversations”

9. Optimized experience for Tablets

10. Optimized experience for Mobile phones – now you can use conversations, photos and Polls ( not all features are enabled for the mobile experience)

To make the transition easy to the new experience, we’ve had the product overview video & the product tour slideshow available since the beginning.

The groups help site as well as the community help site on Y! Answers have help articles specific to features and how to use them. Links to help articles are placed contextually in the product experience.

We will continue to make changes based on feedback.

- Yahoo Groups Product Team

We deeply value how much you, our users, care about Yahoo Groups. Today we launched our first update to the Groups experience in several years and while these changes are an important step to building a more modern Groups experience, we recognize that this is a considerable change.
We are listening to all of the community feedback and we are actively measuring user feedback so we can continuously make improvements.
- The Yahoo Groups Team


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  • thekeel commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Joe Thomas and the other posters are absolutely correct. Groups remain unbelievably disorganizved and dysfunctional. Menu bars are completely unintuitive. EXAMPLE: How in the world is someone supposed to know that in order to create a post, you must first click on CONVERSATIONS, and then NEW TOPIC? How would a new user even know that LINKS is buried under the heading MORE?? Ridiculous, absurd. ANOTHER EXAMPLE: About 80% of the time it is impossible for a moderator to edit a post in the pending folder - the editing function simply freezes. Error messages where the page refuses to process an edit happens an additional 30% of the time. The old interface was graceful and extremely intuitive. Also, it rarely had bugs. The current edition of groups is almost nothing but bugs. These are only a few of the problems. It is apparent that this "updated" groups design was created by functionaries who never used groups and never plan to. I have to laugh when I get these "Yahoo Yodelers" surveys asking me to rate their new ideas for new apps. Who would even dream of using an app from yahoo when their current products are so messed up?

  • Joe Thomas commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Dear Yahoo Groups Product Team,

    For the last 16 years, I am moderating yahoo groups. My feedback in one sentence; neo-group is user unfriendly. This will eventually kill the idea of yahoo group. Moderator of AIDS ASIA and AIDS INDIA Yahoo groups.

  • HA commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The more Yahoo works on the Groups Format, the worse it gets. FULL OF BUGS. They already stated that they won't go back to something that worked. The user does not matter.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    1) How delete inactive groups 2) How does one now post either an Offer or Wanted because the group page is soooo confusing and not allowing me to find where to post. Updating any format should not make it less clear and less operable. The updated is a farce!

  • Keith Flanagan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This new format is REALLY BAD. Who has the time to go through 1000's of pictures to see which ones are new, especially when someone posts, or comments more than 5 pix (because that's all that are shown on the update e-mail). At least sort them by date, to make it easier to find the new ones. Also, it would be nice is on individual would not repost the same pictures several time in several albums. I guess that because Yahoo doesn't care, I'll have to miss out on the new material.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Oh how I love this format of Groups - - - - NOT!!!!!!!! Now the home page is all messed up and almost useless. Like to know who the "Wonder Boy" or "Superwoman" was that was trying out something new? It will probably stay that way because it is "sooooo wonderful." Why am I still using this piece of ****? And why am I even talking - - no one in Yahoo listens?

    Bring back the old format.

  • cathy commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    will it ever return to normal..i hate the NEW format
    I gave away five groups//so sad!

  • Wyatt Earp commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It's a shame that Yahoo doesn't give a **** about its users and feels the need to force us to use a non functioning version of groups. All they would have to do is upgrade to the groups we used to have and the problems would be over.
    But they are determined to take Groups down the same path as Yahoo Auctions.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Completely agree..................... pretty much describes how yahoo screwed up a rather well working format for the groups. Now it takes forever to scroll thru my groups. Yahoo is the best at screwing up everything that was working just fine. I used to login to yahoo groups just about every day.Now I login 3 0r 4 times a year to see if they corrected their big fu-- up.I think its just not worth my time anymore. Seeya.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    cje24576 pretty much describes how yahoo screwed up a rather well working format for the groups.Now it takes forever to scroll thru my groups.Yahoo is the best at screwing up everything that was working just fine.I used to login to yahoo groups just about every day.Now I login 3 0r 4 times a year to see if they corrected their big fu-- up.I think its just not worth my time anymore.Seeya.

  • Jane commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Please fix the edit groups page. You can't scroll up, down or sideways. The page isn't moveable. Therefore we're unable to edit anything..

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    this is incredible, how POORLY you have been managing the group since NEO
    there are still SO MANY ISSUES
    and each changes brings more new issues !

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    They DO NOT care....they only care that they are making money...it has nothing to do with helping people out.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yes please go back to the OLD YAHOO
    This post has been getting voted for by a lot of voters within a few days, it must be a sign for you yahoo people

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