Hi, please let us know how we can improve Groups.

Get the ads out of our message posts on the groups pg. Let the admins turn this stuff off. You are ruining what was a very effective tool

The new Yahoo groups is pathetic. Come on folks, there are thousands of users and most of us are sick of the new promote. These are not improvements. I have heard multiple complaints about the new interface. This is not progress. Stop trying to be like Google and go back to the prior code. If you want to upgrade, any decent bunch of engineers can port the software to new hardware and maintain the capability. Do not list YOUR ads within our messages. Give us the option to turn off the ads. You can make $ in other ways.

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    I agree with Phil 100%,my complaint is the photos section in our group,adds got no business in there you wouldn,t allow ads to be placed on the wall in DC our photo wall is the same for us that part is a healing section for many of us Vietnam vets.we are a locked group adds should be kept out.

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    I am a group owner & ready to ditch Yahoo. What they are doing is horrible. The group "About" page is ABOUT THE GROUP....NOT ABOUT SELLING ADS OR OTHER GROUP.

    Come on Yahoo, give us back out groups. Groups are going to abandon Yahoo & find other means of sharing common interests.


    Let us owners control the content & we DON'T WANT YOUR ADS RUINING OUR GROUPS!

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